South African Heavy Haul

Association Technical


5 – 7 August 2020


5 - 7 August 2020


Kempton Park,
South Africa



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The South African Heavy Haul Association (SAHHA) is pleased to announce the SAHHA Technical Conference will be taking place on 5 – 7 August 2020 at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

On behalf of the Planning Committee, we would like to invite you to attend and participate in the South African Heavy Haul Association Technical Conference.

Local and invited international experts and decision makers in the field of heavy haul technology will gather to present and discuss recent advances in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange information, ideas and innovations with people working in the many interdisciplinary fields aligned with heavy haul technology.

The conference offers an important opportunity to present research results and to network and share experiences with leading researchers, policy-makers and representatives from industry.

The Theme for this conference is:  Smart, Resilient Railway Operations & Infrastructure

Range of Topics

Vehicle Track Systems

  • Vehicle/track Interaction
  • Wheel/rail interface analysis, optimisation and management
  • Safety and derailment prevention
  • Condition monitoring
  • Vehicle/Track Systems and Optimization

Track Infrastructure

  • Track construction
  • Track maintenance
  • Track component performance
  • Track condition monitoring
  • Longitudinal stresses in rails
  • Rail welding
  • Special trackwork

Bridges and Tunnels

  • Bridge management systems
  • Bridge rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Bridge loading
  • Structural Health monitoring of bridges
  • Condition and structural performance assessment
  • Tunnel operations, management and maintenance
  • Optimization


  • Network Capacity and Operational Efficiency
  • Long haul trains
  • Train control and capacity optimization
  • Heavy Axle Loading (HAL) Economics
  • Signalling
  • Electrification technology
  • Security and Safety
  • Service Reliability

Rolling Stock

  • Wheels, axles & bearings
  • Wagon design and maintenance
  • Brake systems
  • Detector-based wagon maintenance

Motive Power, Traction and Energy Efficiency

  • High horsepower Locomotives
  • Locomotive maintenance and reliability
  • Traction power supply
  • Environment, Energy and Sustainability

Human Factors

  • Skills
  • Training
  • Safety Impact


Kind Regards


Brian Monakali

Chairman, SAHHA